Emerging Languages

My history with programming languages and frameworks is approximately this:

  • I started my career writing PHP 3
  • Then I wrote C/C++ (Boost forever!)
  • Then I discovered Java, Scala, Objective-C, Perl, Python, Clojure and Haskell all at once
  • Then I ditched it all for Go

Oh, and throw some javascript in there.

I've been pretty focused on Go for a while and was missing learning new languages. Brian Ketelsen introduced me to Nim and then I wanted more. So between my curiousity and his endless list of cool new tech, I've been checking out a few languages.

Here they are, along with my summaries of them:

  • Elixir - Ruby with less monkey patching but more macros
  • Rust - C++ with more bullets to shoot yourself in the foot with, but less foot
  • Crystal - Compile Ruby to machine code. And now you can use all the cores!
  • Ballerina - Kinda like Metaparticle, except it's a language
  • Swift - Objective C and Scala had a baby, and you can compile it on the LLVM

Ok, I know it seems like I'm pretty sarcastic about all these languages, but I'm legitimately excited about all of these! I'm gonna play around with them for a while until I find something real to build.