Athens Office Hours!

Hey Gophers! If you don't know what Athens is, you should totally go check it out. The quick overview is that it's a proxy server for Go modules, and an interesting open source project with a community full of supportive Go programmers that help, encourage, and welcome contributions from anyone interested (we make that a priority!).

I'm starting an Athens office hours session.

Absolutely anyone interested in Athens is welcome to join.

The first session will be this Thursday or Friday (June 27 or 28).

Please vote on the time(s) that work for you at this link.

Whether you're a seasoned Go programmer, a newcomer interested in getting involved with a Go open source project, or even someone brand new to open source -- we have contributors who fall into all these categories and more -- I want to make the project even more accessible for you.

That's why I'm starting this Athens office hours session. This session is a place for learning and discussing different pieces of the codebase and architecture of Athens. And anyone who is part or the project or interested in the project can join.


The office hours will be held on a Zoom video chat at this link: Here's the format of the first office hours:

  • I'll choose a section of the codebase to start looking at
  • I'll introduce the achitecture of this section at a high level
  • Anyone attending can ask questions, at any time
  • We'll navigate the codebase as the questions lead us (not limited to the area I chose!)
  • I am not the “expert”. I happen to know a little bit about a lot of the codebase, but hopefully others will attend who have a lot more in-depth knowledge about individual pieces. There’s power in numbers!

I intend to make these office hours recurring. The format might change in future office hours sessions if needed, but the only thing that won't change is that absolutely everybody is welcome.

Time and Date

If you're interested in coming to the first office hours session, please vote on the time(s) that works for you at the below link: